We offer agency shipping service for ships of regular line and trap.

  • Tramp and Liner Agency.
  • Husbandry Agency.
  • Cruise and Expedition Ship Agency.
  • Protecting Agency Representation.
  • Dry Bulk and Liquid Bulk cargoes.
  • Drydock Agency.
  • Tugging and Salvage.
  • Stevedoring at all Peruvian ports.
  • Cargo and Ship brokers.
  • Crew change handling.
  • Cargo surveys.
  • Vessel survey, onhire, offhire.
  • Spares and Provisions Clearance.
  • Bunker brokers.
  • Marine Consultants.
  • Logistic Services & Flexibags suppliers.

Shipping Agency

Port of Perú

Peru is divided in 24 Departments and one Constitutional Province (El Callao).

The coastal region is a narrow strip extending throughout 2650 km, the width of which varies between 65 and 160km. Most of the important cities and industrial centers are located at the coast.

Lima is the capital of Peru, being also the biggest city and the main center of commerce and industry. Other important cities are Callao, the principal Pervian Port near Lima, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Ica, Tacna, Arequipa and Cuzco.

Beside Callao, the main seaports are: Talara, Paita, Salaverry, Pisco, Matarani and Ilo. The most important waterway is the Amazon River connecting the Atlantic Ocean with Iquitos, the main Peruvian port at the Amazon. The international airport Jorge Chavez is Peru´s main airport, located in Callao.

Shipping Agency


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